What is IPSC?

When I started? Uhh…25 years ago. At the beggining, I started with precision shooting. It last about 3 years, that I have figured out, that targets are all the same, time is 1m per shot, distances are all the same and I know, how the Match will look’s like in 25 years…25 m, same target, maybe more series, but, that’s how it will be…the same…every match, every month, year…borring..yeah, very borring.

And then…something new. Practical shooting. IPSC. What’s that?! Fast shooting…did someneone hit the target? Yeas, for sure! Two hits in cetral zone. Great! Looks excited and promising! And targets are all at the different distances. Some are at 1m, some are at 30m. Some are moving, some are still. And there are metal targets as well. Great! That’s something for me. And after 25 years. Yes! I’m still exciting before each match! It’s never the same. Targets are placed at different positions every time. There are milions of combinations, different variations, distances, multiple targets, paper in combination with metal targets…

And there is more. After shooting with pistol, came shooting with shotgun. New discipline. Similar with pistol stages, but adapted to the shotgun. And new challenge. Loading! At first, we started with loading two rounds. With years, quad load! And that’s not all. Shooting with differend ammo! Slugs, Buckshots, and again, differend distances. From 6m with Birdshot to 100m with slugs. And it’s always excitting, always something new.

And of course, there is more! Shooting with Rifle! Even bigger distances. Targets up to 300m and even more. You can’t belived, how fast can you shoot and hit the targets at this distance. And the latest addition to the world of IPSC practical shooting, PCC (Pistol Carabine Calibre). Great. Shooting on the pistol stages with rifle. How fast…how accurate…You can’t belived…so much fun! And is always differend layout…always somethig new, some differend challenge…

So, IPSC practical shooting uses the Latin motto “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas” (Accuracy, Power, Speed).  This motto reflects the high standards expected from IPSC shooters. IPSC shooting recognizes all the shooting disciplines: handgun, rifle, shotgun, PCC and action air. Through the combination of athleticism and precision, IPSC demands high level skills and discipline of shooting sports. IPSC don’t recognize standard shooting positions, because targets define shooting positions. You can use any position, important is, that you hit the target at the highest zone and that you are safe during the course of fire on the stage. We have three zones on the targets, A, C and D. They have different values – 5-3-1 points. Steel targets must be hit and fall to count with 5 points.

IPSC competitors combine accuracy, power and speed into a winning combination. And don’t be affraid, it’s very simple! At a start signal (beep), the competitor must complete a course (COF; course of fire, stage or course). Start signal is produced by a timer which measure the time and the number of shots. The main objective is to shoot at all targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets or even partially covered targets in the shortest possible time while scoring the highest number of points.

Bostjan Pavlic

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