Shooting IPSC. At the beginning, it’s good to find a shooting club in your region (Country) with members that are active in this kind of shooting sport. Good shooting clubs have experienced shooters, instructors and trainers. There are a lot of shooting sports, however, there is only one real competitive dynamic shooting sport and that is probably IPSC. Why? Because our main concern is safety and freestyle. We don’t care, what kind of shooting stance or position you will use for shooting target at low port. We don’t care even, what kind of equipment you will use, as long you stay in the same division with your shooting colleagues. The main thing is safety, of course, and the second thing is, how fast and accurate you can be on the Course of fire (stage) with your sport item. Yes, sometimes we have to use this word as well, since world is sometimes a strange environment, without compassion for our items and for all divisions of IPSC. You can see a variety of shooting styles in shooting sports, however; only the most effective shooters will be on the top. The most effective shooter use their own personal capabilities to shoot fast and accurate. The problem is that you have to find the balance between speed and accuracy, which allows you to shoot centre of targets with your maximum speed. The best way to start is in a good shooting club. Your future shooting colleagues or instructor will explain you, what kind of shooting is the best for you to start, what kind of equipment you will need, they will advise you, which handgun, shotgun or rifle you should buy. They will also know which of them are good, without failure and which one will, probably, let you down. We could compare the selection of the handgun with the buying of a car since you will be less disappointed with a failure of a handgun (car), which you like, then with a failure with a handgun, which you don’t like. Some shooters like »plastic« handguns, others swear on »steel« handguns. Some like optics, some stay with iron sights.

Similar is with the equipment. If you train with good and experienced shooting colleagues, they will advise you not to buy the most expensive equipment at the beginning of your IPSC shooting carrier. Of course, they will let you know, that everything is important, even what shoes you will be wearing and what kind of isotonic drink you will drink during the competition. Let’ stop at this point. Yes, that might be important, when you become an experienced competitor. However, at the start, get yourself a good equipment at a reasonable price. For example, plastic holster, similar to Ghost Hybrid. The same goes for magazine holsters. Plastic made, two or three of them is enough for the beginning. When buying a belt you don’t need anything expensive for a start. As long as is in three loops of your pants, also an EDC belt is good for a start. Put all the equipment in your bag. With time, you will buy yourself also a shooting bag. Till then carry your EDC bag.

Clothes; use the one, in which you feel comfortable while doing outdoor activities. It’s good, that they are stretch, since you will move a lot and use different positions (kneeling, squat, prone…). It’s also good, that they are durable, since you will be on the shooting ranges, where you can expect surface’s with sand, gravel, mud, snow, even ice. Yes, ice! IPSC competitions are not limited with weather or environment. Shooting ranges are sometimes outdoor, sometimes indoor. You will sometimes need long sleeves, sometimes shorts. The weather can be very changeable so it can happen that you will start the competition in the freezing and rainy weather, in one hour the temperature can then rise to room temperature. Yes, it can happen. You will never know. You have to be prepared for all kinds of weather, so your clothes have to keep you warm and dry during the winter and let you breath freely in summer. However, at the beginning, you will need only usual clothes, that you use every day. Later you will find out, what suits you most. Still, you will get the best advice from your shooting colleagues.

Competitions; let us start with trainings. Yes! Trainings are competitions as well. In your mind. It’s important, that you take trainings seriously. The way you train is the way you will compete. You have to find out, what are your limitations and trainings are the best way to do it. Every time, when you use timer at your training, write your score. See what kind of score you have. Analyse it. I will write more about trainings some other time. However, you have to remember, that mind set at training is important as well. Then you have club competitions (Level I). You compete with your club colleagues and some invited competitors. Here you have the opportunity to compare yourself to others. You can see, how your colleagues shoot, what kind of shooting stance they have, how courses of fire are designed, you can see target arrays, what kind of mechanisms are on the competition. You learn a lot at the club competitions, since these are not trainings anymore, but competitions, where every member is trying to shoot at his best that means, to shoot fast, accurate, and safe. Of course, in every region of IPSC you have national championships (Level II). There are usually a few competitions. Competitors from all region usually come to these competitions and during the year they collect points from every competition. At the end of the year, they proclaim national champion in divisions of the region. We have higher levels as well. Almost every week you have some competitions across the continent (Europe, USA, South America…), where members from different regions compete (Level III). These are International matches. You can see many competitors at such matches, usually around 200. There are also level IV competitions. These are continental championships (Europe, USA, Far East Asia…), where competitors from all regions of the continent compete among themselves for the continental champion title such as European Champion. There is also Level V, World Championships, named also World Shoot. Of course, with handgun, shotgun and rifle (Action Air as well).

And now…find IPSC shooting club, get your gear and start with IPSC! And don’t forget to ask for instructor or trainer!


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